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Incubator Bootcamp

Incubator Boot Camp are intensive weeklong academic skill-building programs that assist final year law students and young lawyers in developing the critical thinking, research, and writing skills that they will need to successfully start law practice.Once final year law students and young lawyers successfully completes the boot camp course, he/she is polished, tough and competent to be successful in court.


Most students will get their Law Degree without ever having stepped foot inside a legal office. It is not the student’s fault, but it is remarkable that you would have law graduates pouring out of university and never having received experience essential in their future employment.

Boot Camp I: Introduction to the LawGAT
Boot Camp I introduces students to the LawGAT, a standardized test all law graduates needs to take for bar enrollment. I

Boot Camp II: Working with Cases
Boot Camp III exposes students to the fundamental structures of the Pakistan legal system, the role of case and statutory law, and techniques for closely analyzing cases. Students who participate in this program will have familiarity with the courts system and practice before their first actual court appearance.

Bootcamp Features

You've got the substantive legal knowledge and intellectual firepower necessary to be a good lawyer, but do you have the leadership skills it takes to be a great one? Leaders in law and business want trusted advisors who excel in skills like problem solving, creativity, ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity, and exceptional communication and persuasion skills. This course focuses on strengthening these critical skills for the career that you are developing. In this highly immersive class, our hands-on exercises and discussions assess and develop your skills in strategic decision making, influence techniques, motivating others, leading teams, and managing change in unpredictable environments.

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