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National Legal Incubation Center

First ever legal Incubator supported by US Mission Pakistan working to revolutionize justice delivery and transform the practice of law by developing professional excellence through accelerated legal learning, law school, and specialized law practice legal incubator program. NLIC accelerates the transitioning of young law graduates by addressing the gap between the knowledge and practical competencies taught in law school and those necessary to successfully operate independent solo or small firm law practice while also serving low-income communities often lack access to low-cost legal representation. NLIC also facilitate participants of incubator program with its Startup program "LawnchPad" designed to jumpstart the careers of law graduates wanted to initiate TechInLaw ventures.

Our Values


Enhancing Professional Competence and Legal Excellence by providing sound knowledge and training in the legal theory and practice with continuous monitoring support.


Changing justice sector performance through technology - Justice Innovation Lab


Supporting and equipping young lawyers with resources, skills, and linkages in establishing in solo and small firm practice.

Our Team

Fred P. Rooney

International Advisory [email protected]

Adv. Faiza Farooq

CEO - NLIC [email protected]

Barrister Sarwar Khan

National Advisory [email protected]

Khalil Ur Rehman

Head of Technology Innovation [email protected]

Syed Raza Ali

National Advisory - CEO PJN [email protected]

Iqra Musaddaq

National Advisory - Legal Startups [email protected]
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