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Law Enforcement Consultant

Overall Experience:

Must have 10 years or above experience in Law enforcement or related field and projects with National and International organizations preferably as mentor/trainer in any Law enforcement Agency or similar services (LEA) with similar experience in translations of legal publications .The candidate with past experience in International law, translation, PPT presentations and training to LEOs shall be preferred.      

Experience in specific field /Sector:

Translation of Legal publications in Urdu, knowledge in the IHL & IHRL, knowledge of criminal justice system and applicable law, Knowledge of Police specific terminologies, experience in developing writing contents.


Must know the Police Operations, practices and deficiencies, have enough experience in Police/legal publications, must give practical demo of crime scene investigation be able to explain in very simple and easy way for mid/senior rank police officer. Knowledge in International good practices in investigations under IHRL, Use of Force and Community Policing would be an asset.

Duties & Responsibilities/Scope of work/Deliverables required (in detail):

(1)   Training Session Each Day: 01

              Duration: 1-30 hrs (maximum)

               PPT presentation: 1:20hrs

              Question answers:10 Minutes

The contents of the training shall be shared in advance with PGE manager at least 2 days before start of session.

(2)   Translations of ICRC /Police publications into Urdu

  • Proof reading by third person and using proper punctuations.
  • Use of proper legal terminologies where required.
  • Produce document in proper in page.
  • Color and fonts as per ICRC standards.

Consultant responsibilities:

  • Arrange own laptop.
  • Manage all stationery through his resources for translation.
  • To produce at least one hard copy of the document to ICRC if required and share the contents in soft.
  • The payment shall be made as per contract and for translation per word with proof reading shall be counted.

Apply By:

Please send your Cover letter and CV on ISL [email protected]

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